Movie Review: “Look Both Ways”

What if…….I did not go to the University of Kansas……where I met a professor who helped me land a job at AT&T Bell Labs after graduation……where I met Lori…….and the rest is history……at least, in this multiverse.

Everyone has turning points in life and then at some point in their life they will look back and ask themselves…..what if I did this instead of that?

This movie explores what happens when a young womans, Natalie (Lili Reinhart), life splits into the multiverse and we see what happens if…..

She is not pregnant and heads off the LA to pursue her life long dream of becoming an animator.

Jake (David Corenswet), Natalie


She is pregnant, decides to keep the child (Gabe says it is her choice, even though, now, in Texas, it is sadly not her choice), stays with her parents, and pursues animation while raising the child.

Gabe (Danny Ranirez), Natalie, Baby Rosie, Tina (Andrea Savage), Rick (Luke Wilson)

To find out, you can watch this movie on Netflix. 🙂

Netflix does the multiverse. Very cool.

“Look Both Ways” is a pretty cool movie about….well….what if. What would my life be like if I never went to the disco (ok, I’m old….haha) with Noel Tukums and did not meet Suzanne who was huge on education?

Gotta tell you, the multiverse is just as difficult to keep strait as time travel…maybe more so. So other than some confusion (pay close attention to Natalie’s clothes) as to which version of Natalie we are watching, this is a fun, very cool, movie that makes you think about the turning (inflection) points in your own life.

Go here to see what SXSW is all about.

Go to IMDb for more information.

What if Carol stayed home rather than get in that car? 😦

Drive Safe! Never Forget.

More romcoms…….


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