Movie Review: “Slumberland”

11 year old Nemo (Marlow Barkley) lives with her father, Peter (Kyle Chandler), in a lighthouse.

Nemo is home schooled by her dad (who believes schools are prisons) and knows everything there is to know about the lighthouse (except what it is really used for).

Nemo falls asleep every night to a story told by Peter.

One stormy night, Peter tells her a fantastical story about a dreamworld where he and an “outlaw” named Flip end up at the bottom of the sea (via a whitrlpool) and see magic pearls that they understand will grant a wish.

That night, Peter, died trying to save some fishermen caught in the storm and Nemo, with her her stuffed toy pig, is now living with her uncle Philip (Chris O’Dowd)…..a kind-hearted but reclusive door knob salesman who works remotely and rarely leaves his apartment.

Philip tries very hard to learn how to raise, and communicate with, a tween girl (not an easy task!).

Philip, Nemo

Meanwhile, Nemo hopes to talk with her father one more time, and figures she can do that in her dreams……..where she meets Flip (Jason Momoa)……and……

Oh, to find out what happens, you can watch this movie on Netflix.

“Slumberland” is a heartwarming story of loss, love, and understanding with lots of dreamlike action, laughs…….and tears. Good for the whole family.

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Drive Safe! Never Forget.

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