Movie Review: “Phil”

Phil (Greg Kinnear) is a recently divorced dentist…..and he is deeply depressed.

Wondering what life is about, Phil, has vivid thoughts of committing suicide, and actually stops his car on the bridge and stands on the edge.

He needs help.

A patient, Michael Fisk (Bradley Whitford), has everything: His new book is doing well, he is married to a talented cello player in the local orchestra, Alicia (Emily Mortimer), he is well-known in town, he has good teeth, and he is happy.

Phil started following Michael around, completely ignoring his dental practice, just trying to find the meaning of life.

His life.

Michael’s life.

Everyone’s life.


Then the unthinkable happens, and…….

Oh, to find out more you can watch this movie on Amazon Prime. 🙂

“Phil” is a quirky dark comedy drama that explores life, death, and the meaning of both.

Socrates (“The unexamined life is not worth living”) plays a role in helping Phil understand it all.

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Drive Safe! Never Forget.

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