Movie Review: “Die Hart”

Kevin Hart is tired of being laughed at.

He wants to become an action hero and says so… no uncertain terms (i.e. he freaked out)……on a nationally televised talk show.

Kevin’s agent thinks he totally fucked up his career and is shocked when the most famous action movie director, Claude Van De Velde (Jean Reno), calls and expresses interest in Kevin for his next action movie!

Only one condition: Kevin has to attend Ron Wilcox’s (John Travolta) Action School!

Arriving at school, Kevin is knocked out with a baseball bat, and shit flows downhill from there.

The arrival of Jordan King (Nathalie Emmanuel) does not help as the action, and danger, ramp up to a very scary levels… Josh Hartnett finds out.

Kevin, Ron, Jordan

But all is not what it seems, and…….

Oh, to see what happens you can watch this movie on Amazon Prime. 🙂

“Die Hart” is a hilarious scary thriller with lots of f-words, death, destruction, and….well…..Kevin Hart (who we love almost as much as Adam Sandler).

Go to IMDb for more information (but, the pictures are in the series, not the movie, pages).

Drive Safe! Never Forget

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