Movie Review: “Ghosted”

Cole Turner (Chris Evans) is a farmer who just got dumped by his girlfriend.

As Cole’s sister, Mattie (Lizze Broadway), tells him he is just too damn needy and drives his significant others crazy.

Cole swears he will change.

Sadie Rhodes (Ana de Armis) is not into guys who are needy, preferring those who are more like a cactus, i.e. only need attention once a month or every other month as her job takes her away from home for good lengths of time.

As fate may have it…..Cole and Sadie meet, then Sadie holds his inhaler while they……hook up.

Then…..Cole texts her 11 times in 2 days (7 if you don’t count emoji’s as a text). Still needy. 😉

With no answer from Sadie.

Mattie says he’s been ghosted!

But, Cole does not believe that as he thinks there was a connection. A true connection.

Since he has a locator tag (this is AppleTV+ after all) on his inhaler, he finds it in London!

He goes there (being his needy self), and……is captured by terrorists who think he is “The Taxman” and are ready to torture him for the password for a stolen weapon that can wipe out the world, Aztec, when……

Sadie, Cole

Oh, to find out what happens you can watch this movie on Apple TV +.

“Ghosted” is a fun, quirky, thriller with lots of action, laughs, and a few scream worthy shocking events (mostly when an Avenger, yes, that is what I said, an Avenger is on screen). 🙂

Go to IMDb for more information.

Drive Safe! Never Forget.

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