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Intelligence Test Quizzes

Here is one of several quizzes sent to me by Carol’s mom.   I’ll post more over the next few weeks.  This one should be super easy. To pass it, you only need 4 correct answers out of 10….easy, huh? Good luck. At the end of this post, I will have a link to a PDF with the answers. (NO CHEATING!) 1.

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Ford MyKey

I have been ranting since Sept. 18, 2010 about the need for cars to ID the driver and limit the speed of the car, think for the driver when it comes to SEATBELT usage, etc. depending on who is driving. Someone (I’m am getting her name) emailed me the link to the article below this morning….very cool.  NOTE:  I am

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Who’s Line Is It Anyway

This is / was one of our favorite shows.  Make no mistake, it takes awesome talent to be able to improvise comedy as well as these people do.  And Richard Simmons is one of my favorite “good” people… This video was posted by Altamont Mechanical Heating and Air Conditioning’s Sam Aranda on Facebook.  I just had to post it here…..this

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Email is so old school

If you use email, like me, you are soooo old. Today’s teens, tomorrows adults, appear to be killing email by their exclusive use of texting.  I mean who the heck has time to write an email, put in the subject, find contacts to send it to, then sign the email:  “Thanks, Mike”. Immediate gratification is the teen way.  If you

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