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  • Movie Review: “The Kissing Booth 3”

    Movie Review: “The Kissing Booth 3”

    Elle (Joey King) and Lee (Joel Courtney) have graduated from high school! Their last summer at home will be the best ever and to make things even better, Elle and Lee found an old “bucket list” from when they were like 9 years old of all the things they will do the summer before living […]

  • Movie Review: “Mary 4 Mayor”

    Movie Review: “Mary 4 Mayor”

    Mary Parsons is an 18 year old high school senior looking forward to visiting colleges, in California, with her father, Rob (Vincent Duvall), who happens to be the Mayor of their small town, Echo Harbor. Unfortunately, Echo Harbor is losing most of it’s businesses. Many of the buildings are abandoned and / or are scheduled […]

  • “From the Vine” Movie Review

    “From the Vine” Movie Review

    Automotive executive, Marco Gentile (Joe Pantoliano), promised his mentor to always do the right thing…from the heart. When it came time to give a speech on the state-of-the-company, the bored (sic) of directors made changes to Marco’s presentation and Marco was at an inflection point… what is in his heart…..or do what the directors want. […]

  • “Petunia” Movie Review

    “Petunia” Movie Review

    The Petunia’s are one highly dysfunctional family. Mom, Felicia (Christine Lahti), is a severely fucked up Psychologist. Dad, Percy (David Rasche), is the same. They have been married too long and, now that the kids are out of the house and they can actually enjoy life, decide they want a divorce. Insecure middle child Michael […]

  • “The Stand In” Movie Review

    “The Stand In” Movie Review

    “Hit me where it hurts” Candy Black (Drew Barrymore) is a famous comedienne who became super successful doing physical stunts for laughs. She is also a drug addict and an asshole to those around her, not to mention miserable and unhappy. Her stand-in, Paula (Drew Barrymore), is an aspiring actress herself, but, seems to be […]

  • “Good on Paper” Movie Review

    “Good on Paper” Movie Review

    Well known stand-up comedian, Andrea (Iliza Shlesinger), is having a great career, but feels she can do better. One day at the airport, she is waiting for her plane when a guy, Dennis (Ryan Hansen), finds her boarding pass that she accidentally dropped and gives it to her. Nice guy. On the plane, as luck […]

  • “Summer ’03” Movie Review

    “Summer ’03” Movie Review

    Warning: If you are easily offended….do NOT read this review! On her deathbed, Grandma (June Squibb) decides she has nothing to lose by being honest with her family. She tells her son that he has a different father than his sister and tells her daughter that she kept her locked up because she was a […]

  • “Luca” Movie Review

    “Luca” Movie Review

    Luca Paguro (Jacob Tremblay) lives with his family in a nice underwater cave. He is a sea monster. One day while herding his sheep-fish to pasture, Luca finds an alarm clock and a joker card…..human stuff that he is forbidden to have. In fact, he is forbidden to even think about going above the water…at […]

  • Movie Review: “Still Today”

    Movie Review: “Still Today”

    Peter (Jody Thompson) was standing at the alter when his bride-to-be didn’t bother to show up. Depressed, his buddies decide not to waste the hotel room that was already paid for, and called a “hooker” to keep Pete company. Pete reluctantly goes along and heads to the hotel. When the door knocks, Pete opens it […]