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  • Congratulations to Caitlin Dong

    Congratulations to Caitlin Dong

    Read Caitlin’s application essay here. congratulates Caitlin Dong, Tracy High IB student with a 4.52 GPA(!!!), for being the winner of the $1000 2011 Carol Phan College Scholarship!  🙂 Caitlin submitted an outstanding essay (“My Passion for Dance & How It’s Changed”) describing her passion for dance, and the effort she and her friend…

  • Paintings by Kelcie Rodriguez

    Kelcie (Tracy High senior) submitted an essay describing her passion for painting for her application for the $1000 Carol Phan College Scholarship. Kelcie gave us permission to share some of her paintings with you.  Enjoy! Drive Safe!  Never Forget.

  • “What’s Your Passion in Life?” by Melanie Koochof

    Melanie submitted this awesome poem for her application for the $1000 Carol Phan College Scholarship.  Melanie gave us permission to share her talent with you.  Enjoy! What’s your passion in life? Passion boils within my soul, And I want to help whoever I can. This community is in a deep hole – I need to…

  • Cal Poly Campus Tour

    Cal Poly Campus Tour

    Cal Poly was nice, the campus is functional, not nearly as beautiful as UOP, but, the area rocks with beaches, San Luis Obispo and sooo much more nearby. Here are some pictures of our tour to Cal Poly in October 2009 (click to enlarge)             Drive Safe!  Never Forget.

  • Mom and Baby Ducks Against the Wind

    Chau (Carol’s mom) sent me this link via email yesterday.  Very cute! Drive Safe! Never Forget.

  • California State University Fresno – Fresno State Campus Tour

    I liked Fresno State.  Nice and hot, beautiful buildings, and the campus was nice (very Central Valleyish). I updated this page: 2/28/2020. Things may have changed since 2009 when we took the pictures. Here are some pictures we took while touring the campus: Here is a video made by a student (I think). More colleges….…

  • Google Chromebooks

    Samsung Chromebook   Acer Chromebook   Google announced today the availability of their new Google “Chromebook” laptop like computers that will be at Best Buy and starting June 15th. These are laptop like devices that connect to, and use, the “cloud” for everything you do. They are pricey….anywhere from $350 or so to almost…

  • Bubble Magic

    Chau (Carol’s mom) forwarded me this video via email, this afternoon. I sort of remember seeing this guy many years ago….very impressive!  ENJOY! Drive Safe!  Never Forget.

  • “Teenage Daughters” by Martina McBride

    Having one (and knowing one who was lost)….this song hits home.  Especially the part where Martina sings that she needs a drink!  🙂 This video is unofficial, but, I hope it stays online…it is very nice.  And Martina McBride ROCKS!! Drive Safe!  Never Forget.