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  • Apple iPad2 and Vidyo

    A friend shared this short video on Google+ today.  Pretty amazing stuff. Oh yeah…my friend lives in Italy and works for the New Jersey based company that developed the video chat software shown in this video.  Vidyo (see my getting older review of Vidyo here). Drive Safe!  Never Forget.

  • Facebook Skype Video Chat

    Well, it seems that Facebook now offers point-to-point video chatting from within Facebook. Good for them!  BUT…point-to-point is kinda useless…just saying.  I have more than one friend I like to chat with, and all the Bay Shore Kids could have a reunion. Overall Opinion  HoHum, but, at least video conferencing is now reaching the masses. […]

  • UC Berkeley Student Orientation by Caitlin Dong

    UC Berkeley Student Orientation by Caitlin Dong

    UC Berkeley Student Orientation by Caitlin Dong Just as high school freshmen attend orientation, so do college freshmen. I attended freshman orientation for UC Berkeley in the middle of June. Everyone abbreviated and referred to orientation as CalSO (Cal Student Orientation). I just learned the other week that UC Berkeley is also known as “Cal” […]

  • Using Windows Live Movie Maker

    Been playing around learning Windows 7’s Windows Live Movie Maker. Even though it is not as robust as a paid for movie maker, it is, in my opinion, sufficient for hackers (like me) up to, maybe, the intermediate movie producer.  Beyond that, you will have to find something more powerful. NOTE:  Click the pictures to […]

  • Google+ Social Network

    Soooo, are you ready to drop Facebook and move over to Google+??? Well, they are taking requests, but, apparently Google+ is not quite ready for the big time (why announce it and not be ready?????) . It looks interesting though…I will definitely try it and invite some of you to join. Looking at the video above, they […]

  • Spherical Air Vehicle from Japan

    Surfing the web yesterday, I spotted this flying sphere.  AWESOME! Darn…you just have to trust me…the video (and the reporter) were awesome. Drive Safe!  Fly safe!

  • Einstein The Talking Parrot

    Chau sent me this via email this morning!  Amazing bird. Einstein is an African Grey Parrot and is the star of the Knoxville (TN) Zoo’s bird show. If you want to read a terrific book (Fiction) dealing with genetically engineered animals, including one very smart parrot, read “Next” by Michael Crichton. Drive Safe!  Never Forget.  

  • Mugs

    What do you think?  Also thinking travel mugs for coffee! Thanks to Jose at PDQ Promotions, Tracy, CA for this outstanding mug and for doing it in ONE day! Drive Safe!  Never Forget.

  • GlamRus Tween Girls Event in Tracy, CA

    Live in Tracy, CA?  Have a Tween girl who loves makeup, fashion, and fun? Click the picture above (or Joleen’s NOSE below…honk honk) to find out a lot more about this exciting event., Inc. will be there! Drive Safe!  Never Forget.