“What’s Your Passion in Life?” by Melanie Koochof

Melanie submitted this awesome poem for her application for the $1000 Carol Phan College Scholarship.  Melanie gave us permission to share her talent with you.  Enjoy!

What’s your passion in life?

Passion boils within my soul,
And I want to help whoever I can.
This community is in a deep hole –
I need to provide it with a plan.

Biology is my pathway
And I hope to succeed with it at Stan.
My mission after is to portray
Our people will be healthier through this plan.

A new health clinic is my desire –
Unlike one known to man.
Free exams and care will transpire –
This, my friends, is my plan.

My passion to erase fears
And provide this opportunity
Will sound like music to their ears
Because it’ll strengthen their immunity.

No more trouble over illness
Because they’ll have somewhere to go.
My future clinic will make them fearless.
With your help, they will know.

I want to have a significant role
In helping improve their lives.
Please help me reach my goal
For I promise this clinic will thrive.

In order to arrive closer to my dream,
I am trying to do whatever I can.
With this scholarship, as a team,
You can help me provide this plan.

Thank You!

Statement of Intent

Through this poem, I tried to illustrate my passion for helping people by explaining how I want to open my own clinic where I may give free examinations for the families who cannot afford any health insurance.

My primary goal is to comfort the members of our community because I do not want them to be scared of being ill just because their financial status prevents them from seeking care.

In my IB English 4 class with Mrs. Lycan, I learned that the structure of a poem extremely enhances the speaker’s purpose and so I structured this poem to have seven stanzas because “passion” has seven letters and each stanza has four lines in order to represent the four letters in “plan.” Therefore, my poem’s structure really highlights my hope of accomplishing this plan to open a clinic because this “plan” symbolizes the passion that “boils within my soul.”

Also, you will notice that halfway through the poem the rhyming pattern and meter changes from very smooth to harsh and I purposely wrote it this way because when a poet changes the sound of the poem, he/she is trying to highlight the idea promoted throughout the stanzas.

Drive Safe!  Never Forget.


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