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  • Einstein The Talking Parrot

    Chau sent me this via email this morning!  Amazing bird. Einstein is an African Grey Parrot and is the star of the Knoxville (TN) Zoo’s bird show. If you want to read a terrific book (Fiction) dealing with genetically engineered animals, including one very smart parrot, read “Next” by Michael Crichton. Drive Safe!  Never Forget.  

  • Mugs

    What do you think?  Also thinking travel mugs for coffee! Thanks to Jose at PDQ Promotions, Tracy, CA for this outstanding mug and for doing it in ONE day! Drive Safe!  Never Forget.

  • GlamRus Tween Girls Event in Tracy, CA

    Live in Tracy, CA?  Have a Tween girl who loves makeup, fashion, and fun? Click the picture above (or Joleen’s NOSE below…honk honk) to find out a lot more about this exciting event., Inc. will be there! Drive Safe!  Never Forget.

  • Battlefield 3 Game Trailer

    Surfing the Internet yesterday, I found this article stating that EA will be releasing Battlefield 3 on October 25 on the 360, PS3, and PC. I remember when games on the computer consisted of a bouncing ball and paddles.  Hell, I remember when there were NO computers. Look at the graphics on this game….absolutely ASTOUNDING. […]

  • The Prototype T Shirts Are Here

    This is the most popular logo voted on by YOU our faithful readers.  🙂 The number 2 logo will also be made. We have LOTS of plans for the T-Shirts moving forward (I will share our ideas as time goes on)….your comments below on what you think we can do are welcome! The $$ received […]

  • Brighter Christmas

    Every year the folks at Brighter Christmas raise money to help those in need have a….hmmm, Brighter Christmas,  by putting people in jail! This year supporter, Larry Hite, was put in jail…. so I went over to try to bail him out. It did not seem to work….he was still in there asking (begging!) […]

  • Memorial Donations for Jonathan Johnson

    Update:  See Jonathan’s Memorial Service Times here. Here is a link where you can donate to help Jonathan’s family… This link will be here FOREVER….unlike Facebook which goes out of sight in a few minutes or Twitter which is hardly there one minute….. Copy this link and send your friends here to show their […]

  • Memorial Car Decals Update

    Kacey (good luck in the Air Force…exciting times ahead, and great times!), Travis, Mariah….and others who designed, and sold, the car stickers a BIG: THANK YOU !!!!  You are AWESOME. Kacey just left us $500 to be split:  $250 to the Bitticks, $125 to Carol’s Mom, and $125 to the Hoovlers. I’ll go with Lori […]

  • ForCarol T Shirt Prototype 1

    What do you think?  Can you improve it?  If so, send me a cool design.  🙂