Fundraiser for Carol’s Family

Chevy’s Restaurant in Tracy, CA will donate 25% the cost of a meal to Carol’s Family.

Date: Sunday, October 3, 2010

Time: 11 AM to 10 PM  (all day)

What Do You Need:  Tickets available at AltamontCowork, 95 W. 11th Street, Suite 205.  ONLINE TICKET YOU CAN PRINT

Thanks to Benny Pacheco, Paris Ellis (and Chevy’s) for organizing this !!

Awesome !!

Carol and Kristen at Chevy's in Tracy, CA



  • Looks like i’m taking my mom, sister and her boy friend out to dinner on Sunday :).

  • yeah lol she would eat you out of house and home if you werent home. one day i went out into the backyard while she was watching tv and when i came back in she had finished an entire box of oreos. we would always joke around with her and call her the skinniest fat person we knew

  • If you notice, a lot of the pictures we have with Carol…she is eating! If you know Carol, you know how fitting that is. 🙂 We love you Carol…

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