Donations to Teachers for Classroom Supplies

Myesha Ryan Kelly 4th Grade

Myesha Ryan Kelly 4th Grade

Joan and Tori and kids

Joan and Tori and kids

Help us help our local teachers and students, donate on our GoFundMe account for classroom supplies for Tracy, CA students and teachers.

classroom-supplies-donation-v2 hopes to gather enough money in our GoFundMe account to donate money to, at least, one Tracy, CA teacher every month to help them purchase classroom supplies.

We need your donations, no matter how small or large. 🙂

Helping education in Carol’s memory.

January 2015 thru April 2015 Recipients of $75.00

Veronica Knight, 4th grade, North

Joan Juarez, 1st grade, Villa

Sharon Shiroma-Lee, 2nd grade, Jacobson

Monica Hill, 2nd grade, George Kelly

Previous Winners

Joan Juarez and Tori Klug, North (see photo above) $30.00 each

Myesha Ryan, 4th grade, George Kelly ($250, see photo above)

Chau Hong (Carol’s mom) Donates Carol’s Piano to Tracy High

Getting-ready-for-plaque Lori-and-Mr.-Costa THS-Music-Students-1


Drive Safe!  Never Forget.


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