Fireworks Booth 2013

fireworks tshirt front and back

VOLUNTEER to WORK in the BOOTH on JULY 4th (or before).

Get a FREE commemorative T-Shirt.

URGENT NEED for JULY 4th….need 5 people per shift (15  people total)

If you are in high school and need community service time…I will write a note for you!  


Fill out this form and hit the submit button to VOLUNTEER


Read this Tracy Press Article on the Fireworks Lottery

phantom fireworksWe chose to go with Phantom Fireworks based mainly on the location at the old Save Mart on Tracy Blvd.  Save Mart supports with the SHARES cards, and last year “Get Real Behind the Wheel” was there.


Last night, was the second non-profit picked to win one of nine Fireworks booths in Tracy, CA!  We were SHOCKED since there were 52 non-profits on the list.

But this is totally bittersweet.

Yes we are happy we got the booth and will soon have a good bit of money for college scholarships and classroom supplies for Tracy, CA teachers and scholars.  BUT….Chau Hong lost her only daughter (Carol), Mike Hoovler lost a son (Chris), and Sylvia Bittick lost a son AND daughter (Kassy and Bobby).

This was not the way our lives were supposed to go….

I looked at the list of organizations, and only TWO on that list were formed from DEVASTATING LOSS.  “Get Real Behind the Wheel” when Mr. Ucci lost his son in a car accident near West High several years ago, and us.  Get Real had a booth last year, deservedly so.

And we got it this year.

Our pain has been felt somewhere, and our efforts to help others avoid the same pain are being recognized.  But both organizations would much rather not exist….

Drive Safe!  NEVER FORGET (Carol, Chris, Kassy, and Bobby)


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