“This Beautiful Fantastic” Movie Review

Bella (Jessica Brown Findlay) is an extremely intelligent knowledgeable book nerd. She is an aspiring children’s book author, but, suffers from an obsessive disorder (for example, she has a different toothbrush for each day), is afraid of the outdoors, and would much rather sit and read than communicate with anyone.

Bella is definitely an odd duck.

Although her house is obsessively clean…..her yard has become a wild jungle that must be fixed or the owner of her rental house will evict her.

She has one month.

Her next door neighbor, Alfie Stephenson (Tom Wilkinson), is a grumpy old man with a magic touch in the garden. He is ill, but still capable.

Vernon (Andrew Scott) is Alfie’s part-time caregiver and widowed father of twin girls. He does not take Alfie’s crap and one day…..Alfie fires him and Bella hires him.

A deal is reached where Vernon cooks for Alfie while Alfie helps Bella clean up her garden. A win-win.

At the library where Bella works, Bella meets another odd duck, Billy Tranter (Jeremy Irvine), who designs robotic birds and carries an assortment of tools in, and on, his vest.

The attraction between Bella and Billy is instant, and little do they know how much their lives will change…..

To find out…..you will have to watch the movie. 🙂

“This Beautiful Fantastic” is exactly what the title says with a great cast and great story. Loved it!

Go to IMDb for more information.

Drive Safe! Never Forget.



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