Movie Review: “The Orchard”

Max Roth (Matt Angel) is a high-powered talent agent in Los Angeles.

His days are filled with pressure, telephone calls, meetings, wins and losses. He seems to be thriving.

One day, he opens a letter from a law firm. Inside, he finds out that he has inherited a peach farm in Canada from his recently deceased Aunt.


Asking his lawyer dad if this is legit, he is told yes, but, ask his mother. His mother agrees, but, also tells him that her sister was a free spirit and has no idea why Max got the farm.

Road trip!

Arriving at the farm, Max finds a protester, Olive Cunningham (Morgan Taylor Campbell), tied to a tree, naked, in an attempt to get the new owners attention and alert them of the dangers of development if the farm is sold.

Max refuses to have Olive arrested and in fact, this is what happens between him and the perpetually naked Olive…..

Ah the perks of farm ownership! 😉

As it turns out, the residents of this area are REALLY a flaky bunch and Olive is the flakiest of all.


Oh, to see what happens you can stream this movie on Amazon Prime. 🙂

“The Orchard” is a very low budget indie from 2016. Nice scenery (no….not the naked woman….sicko) and an interesting cast (including one Hallmark movie regular). But, unfortunately, there is no point to the movie that we can determine.

Go to IMDb for more information.

Drive Safe! Never Forget.

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