“The Trouble with Bliss” Movie Review and Trailer

Morris Bliss (Michael C. Hall) is 35 years old, unemployed, living with his dad, and, poor him, he attracts women like honey attracts bears.

Many of us would call Morris a loser, but, he is just…..a (very smart) 35 year old child with grand aspirations of travelling the world (following the books he has on his bookshelf…and that he has read), especially to Greece.

Morris was in a record store looking for a birthday gift for his father when he met a very young woman, Stephanie (Brie Larson), who, of course, has the hots for Morris and they start doing it in the back of the store……then finish at his Dad’s apartment.

Lucky guy (I mean Captain Marvel…..). 😉

Except for the fact that Stephanie is his high school friend’s daughter!

And, Stephanie just turned 18 years old……yikes!

Then one day, when Morris was checking his mailbox, he meets an older woman, Andrea (Lucy Liu), who, of course, has the hots for Morris…and they almost do it in the hallway!

Lucky guy! (I mean Watson….) 😉

Except that Andrea is married…..yikes!

All the while Morris wants to travel the world (following the books he has read)…especially to Greece. Did I say that already?

Well… find out what happens, you can stream this movie on Amazon Prime. 🙂

“The Trouble with Bliss” is a fun, quirky, low budget movie with an A++ movie star cast, and they seem to be having a blast camping it up. 🙂 Not for kids as some bare butts waltz around in front of the camera.

Go to IMDb for more information.

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