“Marriage Story” Movie Review and Trailer

Charlie and Nicole Barber (Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson) are getting a divorce after years of marriage. Henry (Azhy Robertson) is their young son.

Nicole is moving back to LA to pick up her passion for acting, and, in fact, has a TV series that may be picked up by a network.

Charlie is directing a play in New York City (where the family lives) and plans to visit LA often to see Henry.

The divorce is, so far, amicable as the two decide to do this without lawyers and without hate.

Until, Nicole looks at Charlies emails and finds out the dick has been dicking someone else.

The gloves come off and Nicole lawyers up, hiring Nora Fanshaw (Laura Dern) to do her dirty work. Charlie retaliates by hiring a kindly lawyer, Bert Spitz (Alan Alda), who is over his head with Nora then hires cut-throat lawyer Jay Marotta (Ray Liotta).

All hell breaks loose and the two fight constantly when Charlie…….

Oh, to see what happens, you will have to stream the movie on Netflix.

“Marriage Story” is not a fun movie, and it definitely is not a comedy. It is painful to watch and is about 20 minutes too long. Since we can’t relate to the material, maybe, it does not hit home as much as it does for those who have been there, done that.

All I know is that…..

Natasha can kick Kylo’s ever-loving cheating ass. 🙂

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