The Coronavirus / COVID -19 has kept movie theaters closed for the past few months.

Opening theaters may be happening a bit early (mark my words there), but, they are happening. And some huge budget movies are coming to THEATERS in the summer (Mulan, Tenet, etc).

Sooooooo, I decided to fire up the weekly box office list again to see how the box office changes over the next few weeks before it gets back to “normal” (it won’t be normal normal until a vaccine).

So here we go….welcome back! 🙂

Still the same movies as last week, and very slow.

The top ten movies for June 12 – 14, 2020 are listed below. Go to BoxOfficeMojo for more information.

New Movies in the Top Ten This Week

#1: Becky, $188,161 Total so far: $482,593

#2: The Wretched, $148,583, Total so far: $1.37 million

#3: Strike, $2,247, Total so far: $14,319

#4: The Trip to Greece, $1,961, Total so far: $4,660

#5: The Fox Hunter, $193, Total so far: $973

#6: Sex and the Future, $178, Total so far: $1,418

#7: True History of the Kelly Gang, $152, Total so far: $33,587

#8: How to Build a Girl, $21, Total so far: $70,258

Check out some of these movies to stream….

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