Movie Review: “The Young and Prodigious TS Spivet”

Father, Dr. Claire, Layton, Gracie, T.S, Tapioca

T.S. (Kyle Catlett) and Layton (Jakob Davies) Spivet were twins born on a ranch in Montana, but, they could not have been more different.

Layton was carefree, daring, and loved to shoot his gun. The apple of his father’s (Callum Keith Rennie) eye.

Perpetual Motion

T.S. was studious and brilliant, taking after his mother, Dr, Claire (Helena Bonham Carter), who studied…..bugs.

Layton died in an accident on the farm and T.S. submitted his design for a perpetual motion machine (well….not really perpetual….as it needs to be recharged every 400 years) to the Smithsonian Institute.

The family never talks about Layton and how he died, but, T.S. carries his memory around with him wherever he goes….and the guilt.

Winning a prestigious award thru the Smithsonian, T.S. (who was ignored since Layton’s death, he made a map of family eye contact during dinners to prove his point) takes off on a train journey from Montana to Washington D.C. so he can accept the award and give a speech in front of an audience of PhD’s.

It is a journey of discovery for T.S., and his family…..

To see what happens, you can stream this movie on Amazon Prime.

“The Young and Prodigious T.S. Spivet” is a fun, heartwarming, movie about life, love, and a brilliant kid who changes the world…..and his family. Shout out to all those involved in science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEM / STEAM). Yes, science is real, it exists, and it’s findings cannot be ignored: Facts….are facts, despite what the orange idiot thinks or wants you to think. You have a brain….use it!

Reject Racism, Embrace Diversity, #Vote

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Drive Safe! Never Forget.


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