Movie Review: “Best Sellers”

Lucy Stanbridge (Aubrey Plaza) inherited a publishing company from her father.

Unfortunately, the firm is failing and Lucy and her partner, Rachel (Ellen Wong), decide to give the firm a boost by going back to the future…if they can.

Author Harris Shaw (Michael Caine) has been a recluse for the 40 years since his first book made a name for himself and for Stanbridge Publishing.

Looking at their files, Lucy and Rachel find a contract signed by Harris stating that he he owes the publishing firm a book……

And a book tour!

Finding the elderly, drunken, hate-filled, author they come to an agreement on his recently finished manuscript……

They will publish the book without edits, and he will go on a book tour with Lucy while Rachel takes care of his cat and the publishing business at home.

What happens next changes everyone’s lives………

Lucy and book readers
Rachel the book and the cat

To see what those pictures are about……you can stream this movie for $4.99 on your favorite streamer. We watched it on Google Play. 🙂

“Best Sellers” is simply a stupendous movie! No bullshite! The acting is Oscar worthy and the chemistry between Aubrey and Michael is unmatched. Wow!

Go to IMDb for more information.

Drive Safe! Never Forget.

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