Movie Review: “Where the Crawdads Sing”

The Clark family lived in the marsh near the small town of Barkley Cove.

Pa (Garret Dillahunt), Ma (Ahna O’Reilly) and four kids including the youngest Kya (Jojo Regina).

Pa decided to start beating Ma, and she left! Over the course of a few months, all the kids left except Kya who had, by now, learned how to handle Pa’s rages.

One day….Pa left….and 8 (or so) year old Kya was left to survive on her own.

Which she did with the help of kindly general store owners Mabel (Michael Hyatt) and Jumpin (Sterling Macer Jr.).

Jumpin and Mabel

Years go by and Kya (Daisy Edgar-Jones) and lifelong friend Tate Walker (Taylor John Smith) grow close and Tate teaches Kya how to read (science is her favorite subject).

Kya and Tate

Tate heads off to college while….

The extremely intelligent Kya stays in the marsh and works on her nature drawings, but, remains an outcast to the people of Barkley Cove.

Kya with her drawings, feathers, and shells

Then, one day, Kya is arrested for…….murder…..and……

Oh, to find out what happens you can watch this movie on Netflix.

“Where the Crawdads Sing” is an absolutely fantastic movie! Engrossing as it unfolds like the book it is based on, without a single dull moment, as we learn more about Kya and her survival in the marsh and learn how she flourishes despite the hardships. Until her arrest and trial….leading to a SHOCKING ending.

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Drive Safe! Never Forget.

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