Movie Review: “Finch”

10 years ago, an immense solar flare hit Earth and made the atmosphere “swiss cheese”.

150 degree heat and massive UV radiation is now the norm.

No crops survived and only a very few living beings are still alive.

Luckily, Finch (Tom Hanks) was at work (in St. Louis) when the flare hit, and only the protection afforded by the high-tech building he was in, saved him.

But now, Finch is dying from radiation poisoning, and he, as an engineer, developed an AI (artificial intelligence) based robot to take care of his dog, Goodyear (Seamus) after he dies.

Finch, Goodyear, Jeff

The robot learns quickly, and, as the storms get worse, Finch decides they must leave now, or die.

Off they go to San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge, as Jeff the robot (Caleb Landry Jones) learns as much about being human, about love, and about caring as he can…..while they drive.


Oh, to see what happens you can watch this on Apple TV.

“Finch” is an excellent apocalyptic adventure about three “beings” surviving the best they can in a hopeless situation. Tom Hanks rocks, as always.

Go to IMDb for more information.

NOTE: Apple, in their infinite wisdom released a streaming app on our Sony A8G android tv only a few years later than everyone else, and then, the software product they released……does not work at 4k! We watched this movie in SD (standard definition). I have a long history as (since the early 90’s) with Apple’s cloistered superiority, and their lack of fully testing software…this is just another example. But Lori is an Apple fan, so……..

Drive Safe! Never Forget.

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