Movie Review: “Causeway”

Lynsey (Jennifer Lawrence) is an Army Corps of Engineers veteran coming home after an IED blew up the vehicle she and her squad were driving in to a job 20 minutes away from the base.

Lynsey survived the attack, but, the explosion caused a hemorrhage which in turn caused brain damage…..that she is now recovering from.

Lynsey’s goal is to go back to her unit.

After passing the first phase of her recovery (with a long way to go), she is now back home in New Orleans living with her (unreliable) mom.

She gets a job cleaning pools (she loves the water, and her job in the Army was with water related projects).

Then…..her truck breaks down.

Taking the truck to a mechanic, James (Brian Tyree Henry)…..the two quickly understand that fate has brought them together, and…….

Lynsey, James

Oh, to see what happens you can watch this movie on Apple TV+.

“Causeway” is a fantastic, very quiet, drama about two people suffering through their own demons…..and finding un-questioning friendship that affirms that life can, and will, get better.

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