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Skirt Length Photograph

I saw this article on the Huffington Post.  Very interesting how a science class spawned a viral photograph by Rosea Lake.  (she is selling prints […]

Beautiful Buildings

Chau sent me these via email a few days ago.  If you have seen any of these buildings, comment below!  Enjoy. – – Drive Safe! […]

Beautiful and Secure Home

Chau sent me these pictures via email last night.  A beautiful home that is also VERY secure. Check it out. – Time to lock up! […]

Wordle Word Cloud: An Introduction

Alex Hillman from the coworking location Indy Hall sent an email showing us his Wordle Word Cloud of Indy Hall member communcations over the past […]

Lytro Light Field Camera: A Photography Revolution

I spotted this last week and thought it was simply AWESOME. How many times have you fiddled with camera focus (or waited for the automatic […]

“My Passion For Dance & How It’s Changed” by Caitlin Dong

My Passion for Dance & How It’s Changed Submitted by: Caitlin Dong When I was little, I dreamed of being a prima ballerina. After all, […]


Chau sent me these pictures of bonsai trees via email last night….to learn more about bonsai click over to this WikiPedia article.  Very interesting and […]