Movie Review: “The Electrical Life of Louis Wain”

Louis Wain (Benedict Cumberbatch) was raised in a wealthy family in the late 1800’s with 5 sisters and a mother that he is “supporting” with odd jobs and leftover money in the bank that is dwindling rapidly.

Louis was, to put it nicely, eccentric, when, in fact, he was bordering on mental illness.

But he knows how to control the demons in his mind….kind of.

He keeps himself busy drawing animals. And sometimes selling those drawings and sometimes working for newspapers who need his art work (which is fabulous….click his name above to see some of it on Wikipedia).

When he was 23 he married his family’s governess, Emily (Claire Foy).

For a short time, the demons were banished….and life was good.

Then Emily died of cancer, and Louis’s brain……..

Oh, to see what happens you can watch this movie on Amazon Prime.

“The Electrical Life of Louis Wain” is a weird, quirky, movie about a real person who, sadly, I had never heard of, nor have I ever seen his unique and truly remarkable art work of cats…until now. Louis lived a troubled tortured life, but, his artwork was always upbeat, colorful, and….spectacular.

Go to IMDb for more information.

Drive Safe! Never Forget.


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