Wordle Word Cloud: An Introduction

Alex Hillman from the coworking location Indy Hall sent an email showing us his Wordle Word Cloud of Indy Hall member communcations over the past several years.

It was awesome!

Soooo, I asked him for the website of Wordle and then I played around for an hour or so.

VERY COOL!  And you can play with the colors, fonts, and shape…so when you are done reading this blog…you can give it a try!

(Click to enlarge the pictures)

The top picture was generated when I gave Wordle the URL of this blog.  It looks really cool, but, on further inspection, I see that it only looks at the first three or four blog entries (ie the latest three or four).  The word “endomondo” was the giveaway that the whole blog was not evaluated.  I don’t think there is the ability to ask it to go further…

But that is ok, because….

I scrolled to the next 10 blog entries, or so, and copied the words.  Back on Wordle, I pasted the words in the appropriate place, hit go, and this is what came up.


A word cloud that is a much better representation of this blog’s content and message.  I just wonder why several words are repeated?  Movie & Safe….being two.

No problem though…it is free and cool.  Did I already say that?

OK, being the curious type, and a serial blogger, I went ahead and Wordle’d the rest of my blogs:


Guess the topics of that blog?  🙂


I then did another style, just for fun:

Video conferencing…apparently I have been giving Microsoft a lot of grief lately.  🙂


Book Reviews!

I ran out of blogs, so I decided to look at Caitlin’s essay and see how that Wordle’d out.

Pretty cool.


If you need a cool looking word cloud (I mean who doesn’t?), you can’t go wrong with Wordle.  And you can’t beat the price.

Oh yeah….this is one instance where I NEEDED the Snipping Tool, because you have to take screen shots, and the Snipping Tool makes that a snap.

So what can I do with my word clouds?  Ah…I can make a T-shirt!  A mug!  I can put it on my notebook, have a laptop skin made up, put it on my blogs / web sites, share it on Facebook or Google+, frame it and hang it in my study or office, email it to my closest friends….

Drive Safe!  Never Forget.



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