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The United States Navy SEALS

Let there be NO DOUBT. The best fighting team in the world are…Osama bin Laden just found out…..the US Navy SEALS.  (Like their Facebook page) Water, land, or air….the NAVY is there.  Oh yeah….I was in the Navy, can you tell?  🙂 Here is the announcement of the […]

Grete Waitz

A bit of a sad day.  I am a runner.  I have been running since 1975…..probably long before many of you were born…. I saw Grete run at a couple of NYC Marathons.  She was awesome.  The best ever. She made running look easy, natural….she inspired me to […]

Email is so old school

If you use email, like me, you are soooo old. Today’s teens, tomorrows adults, appear to be killing email by their exclusive use of texting.  I mean who the heck has time to write an email, put in the subject, find contacts to send it to, then sign […]

Kitchen Fire

This time of year there are a lot of kitchen fires. Carol’s mom sent me an email with this video in it. Take a few seconds to watch it and…..Follow the directions. NOTE:  DO NOT THROW WATER on a grease fire….it will EXPLODE! I saw a TV News […]

New Topics for ForCarol

Carol really cared about learning.  She was a great artist and musician.  She loved life. How many of us heard Carol say “Awwwwww…” when she saw something she loved and / or  was intrigued by?  Raise your hand….oh, this is a blog.  I actually have a video of […]

Time to Heal

The hits on this web site are normalizing down to just a few views a day. This is good. The teenagers are back on Facebook, studying, partying, and driving safe, the adults are back to work and concentrating on imposing curfews on their kids, and the families of […]

Our Lives Continue

Today was the last day of memorials, services, visitations for Carol, Chris, Kassy, and Bobby. I’ll take a day or so to regroup, and start this web site for it’s ultimate goal, but, for the kids in the meantime….thanks for your support, and: DO WELL in school and […]