New Topics for ForCarol

One of Carol's Paintings

Carol really cared about learning.  She was a great artist and musician.  She loved life.

How many of us heard Carol say “Awwwwww…” when she saw something she loved and / or  was intrigued by?  Raise your hand….oh, this is a blog.  I actually have a video of her saying that with our dog, Sunny.  I’ll post it someday….

BUT…moving on with our lives, I’m pretty sure Carol, Chris, Kassy, and Bobby would want this, so I am going to lighten this blog up….expand it….make it a place where we can come to when we need to say something profound for everyone to hear, to cry, or to come to for fun, or to learn.

New Topics?

Education: What careers are you shooting for?  What schools are you at now?  Where do you hope to go?  Where can I find good information on a career or major?   Write a review (or film a YouTube review) of your college…imagine how many people would love to hear that from a current student!

Movies: Write or film a  movie review!  Send it to me and I will edit and post it…

Music: Write or film music (artist, cd, whatever) reviews and I’ll post it….

Art / Drama: Been to a great play?  See a dazzling art display?  Tell us about it!   Are you an artist?  Send me a scan (or bring the original here, or take a picture of it)…I’ll post it (See the Memorial Decal for an example of great artistry!).

Books: Does anyone read anymore?  See my book review blog here (Thrillers and Mysteries).  When you read a book, post a review (written or filmed) on !

Games / Technology: Write or film a review on the latest Playstation or Wii games or technology.  Like your cell phone?  Do you have an iPad?  A Nook?  HDTV?  Tell us about it.

Make a YouTube video!? Send me the link and as long as it is not profane or anything, I’ll post it here.


Prepare for the future….hone your writing and film-making skills…..get your ideas out to the world in a medium that lasts (not one that goes away in a few seconds or minutes like Twitter or Facebook).  Become the next generation of journalists, filmmakers, engineers, technicians, artists, musicians, doctors, lawyers, activists, professors, astronauts, explorers, researchers…reach for the stars.

I’ll get things started unless someone sends me something in the next week or so…

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