Email is so old school

WikiPedia Picture of an Old TV

If you use email, like me, you are soooo old.

Today’s teens, tomorrows adults, appear to be killing email by their exclusive use of texting.  I mean who the heck has time to write an email, put in the subject, find contacts to send it to, then sign the email:  “Thanks, Mike”.

Immediate gratification is the teen way.  If you have to wait 2 minutes for a eply to a text that is FOREVER!  And not only that….they text while in the bathroom, while doing their hair, while eating, while having sex….who knows.  To me, the old guy here, this is not the best thing…whatever happened to concentrating on one thing taking time to smell the roses, be creative.  Stuff like watching a movie, reading a book, taking a walk outside and enjoying nature..those wonderful singular events that allow you to be within yourself, to think for yourself not as a collective…..

Gone…too bad.

Here is a NY Times (the newspaper….another old decaying concept) article that I read that discusses this…

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