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  • College Scholarships, Tracy, CA

    College Scholarships, Tracy, CA

    Click here to download the $1,000, Carol Phan College Scholarship Application for a Tracy High IB/Ag Science scholar.

  • Awards $250 to Myesha Ryan, 4th grade teacher at Kelly Elementary

    –, Inc. held an email based contest last week. The first “Adopt A Class” registered teacher to respond to the email wins $250 for classroom supplies. Myesha Ryan, 4th Grade Teacher at Kelly Elementary in Tracy, CA responded to the email within 1 minute!  🙂 Yesterday we gave Myesha the $250 check.  Great fun!…

  • Amy Ly, West High

    Amy Ly, West High

    For more about Amy and the other scholarship here. Here is the picture Amy submitted for the scholarship: – Drive Safe!  Never Forget.

  • Seokho Hong, Tracy High

    Seokho Hong, Tracy High

    Seokho Hong, Tracy High, 2012 Carol Phan College Scholarship Essay My passion in life is computer programming. It’s not simply what I want to do for a living in my future; it’s something I’ve done for many years. I have worked on dozens of major projects not to mention countless smaller ones. I’m quite proud…

  • 13 Most Useful and Useless College Majors

    Kristen (my daughter and Carol’s best friend for those who don’t know) sent me this link last night….very interesting. The most useful, and useless, college majors. These are either from Newsweek, or Science Mag, or, The Daily Beast, or whatever…when it comes from Tumblr….the source is confusing.  🙂 Like our Movie Reviews?  Help us help…

  • “High School vs College and Home vs Dorm” by Caitlin Dong

    “High School vs College and Home vs Dorm” by Caitlin Dong

    Here is a BRAND NEW blog entry from Caitlin Dong,’s 2011 College Scholarship  winner. Caitlin is now attending U.C. Berkeley (….Berzerkeley….I just had to do it!).  🙂 Enjoy! — College life is undoubtedly different from high school/home life in many ways. While college life and living on your own is exciting and fun, nothing…

  • Adopt A Class Classroom Supply Donation

    Just wanted to give a HUGE thank you to Cami Brumburgh of NNIS Computer Repair for her amazing donation of TONS of classroom supplies for local Tracy, CA teachers. I have them out (95 W. 11th Street, Suite 203)  for our “Adopted” teachers to come and grab what they need on a first come first serve…

  • Classroom Supply Shopping SPREE

    Teachers Joan Juarez (with her kids!) and Tori Klug from North Elementary School in Tracy, CA went with me on a shopping SPREE yesterday to Staples in Tracy for school supplies. Great fun! had gotten an extra $60.00 in donations and Tori and Joan jumped at the chance to get $30 each in supplies.…

  • “College Thus Far :-)” by Caitlin Dong

    “College Thus Far :-)” by Caitlin Dong

    Note:  Caitlin Dong was the first recipient of the Carol Phan College Scholarship.  She is now attending U.C. Berkeley.  Thank you, Caitlin, for this update and the kind words at the end of your blog entry.  You rock!  🙂 — Sitting here, I realized that I am about to start my tenth week of college.…