Classroom Supply Shopping SPREE

Teachers Joan Juarez (with her kids!) and Tori Klug from North Elementary School in Tracy, CA went with me on a shopping SPREE yesterday to Staples in Tracy for school supplies.

Great fun! had gotten an extra $60.00 in donations and Tori and Joan jumped at the chance to get $30 each in supplies.

I have to tell you…$60.00 is NOTHING.  Two little bags of stuff, so I need to work harder to get more money for classroom supplies!   In fact….DONATE money for classroom supplies here.  🙂


Here are a few more pictures of the shopping spree at Staples in Tracy, CA.  If you are a teacher (or a student or parent who wants their class to get involved…have the teacher) go HERE to get “Adopted”.   You may be the next class to go shopping!

Drive Safe!  Never Forget.


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