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  • Save Mart S.H.A.R.E.S Card for Fundraising

    Save Mart S.H.A.R.E.S Card for Fundraising

        NEW: SHARES is now part of eScrip If you shop at Save Mart, help us help YOUR kids afford college! Go to the eScrip page for Save Mart and sign up (I gave them my cell phone number). Super simple! When you shop at Save Mart, Food MAXX, or Lucky stores just give […]

  • UC Berkeley Student Orientation by Caitlin Dong

    UC Berkeley Student Orientation by Caitlin Dong

    UC Berkeley Student Orientation by Caitlin Dong Just as high school freshmen attend orientation, so do college freshmen. I attended freshman orientation for UC Berkeley in the middle of June. Everyone abbreviated and referred to orientation as CalSO (Cal Student Orientation). I just learned the other week that UC Berkeley is also known as “Cal” […]

  • “My Passion For Dance & How It’s Changed” by Caitlin Dong

    “My Passion For Dance & How It’s Changed” by Caitlin Dong

    My Passion for Dance & How It’s Changed Submitted by: Caitlin Dong When I was little, I dreamed of being a prima ballerina. After all, what little girl doesn’t dream of becoming someone who is beautiful and graceful, like a ballerina? I always envied the older girls, who danced on stage elegantly and wore pink […]

  • Battlefield 3 Game Trailer

    Surfing the Internet yesterday, I found this article stating that EA will be releasing Battlefield 3 on October 25 on the 360, PS3, and PC. I remember when games on the computer consisted of a bouncing ball and paddles.  Hell, I remember when there were NO computers. Look at the graphics on this game….absolutely ASTOUNDING. […]

  • Congratulations to Caitlin Dong

    Congratulations to Caitlin Dong

    Read Caitlin’s application essay here. congratulates Caitlin Dong, Tracy High IB student with a 4.52 GPA(!!!), for being the winner of the $1000 2011 Carol Phan College Scholarship!  🙂 Caitlin submitted an outstanding essay (“My Passion for Dance & How It’s Changed”) describing her passion for dance, and the effort she and her friend […]

  • “What’s Your Passion in Life?” by Melanie Koochof

    Melanie submitted this awesome poem for her application for the $1000 Carol Phan College Scholarship.  Melanie gave us permission to share her talent with you.  Enjoy! What’s your passion in life? Passion boils within my soul, And I want to help whoever I can. This community is in a deep hole – I need to […]

  • University of California at Davis

    This is where Carol was supposed to go.  There are two videos.  The first one is the “official” UC Davis promo, and the second I made while we were visiting UC Davis. The video below I took when we went with Kristen & Carol to see the campus. I believe this was the first time […]

  • Google Grants

    As soon as (if, might be a better word), Inc.  gets the 501c3 Federal non-profit status.  You can bet Google Grants will be getting an application.  🙂 Drive Safe!  Never Forget.

  • Carol’s Piano Donated to Tracy High

    We moved Carol’s Grand Piano to it’s new home at Tracy High.   Not much more to say….pictures say it all (click on the pictures to make them larger).  I would like to thank Bob and Edmund for taking such good care of the piano during the move! We all hope Mr. Costa and the […]