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“Hello I Love You” Movie Review and Trailer

Andy Miller (Ben Jarvis) works in a production company as a production assistant. The job sounds great, but, in truth… kinda sucks. In a meeting, Andy’s boss, Baggins (Tony Toscano), wants to hear ideas for a new reality TV series.  Nothing but stupid ideas come up and the meeting is adjourned with Baggins holding his head in disgust. Back in his

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“Fathers & Daughters” Movie Review and Trailer

Jake Davis (Russell Crowe) is a Pulitzer prize winning author. He is driving his wife and young daughter, Katie (Kylie Rogers), home one night when the car crashes. Jake is severely injured and his wife is killed while Katie survives with barely a scratch. Storyline 1: The years immediately after the accident Jake recovers from his injuries, but, suffers from

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