Movie Review: “Hello I Love You”

Andy Miller (Ben Jarvis) works in a production company as a production assistant. The job sounds great, but, in truth… kinda sucks.

In a meeting, Andy’s boss, Baggins (Tony Toscano), wants to hear ideas for a new reality TV series.  Nothing but stupid ideas come up and the meeting is adjourned with Baggins holding his head in disgust.

Back in his “office” (I had one just like it in one job), Andy is forced by a coworker (nipple twisting convinced him) to go back and pitch his idea to Baggins.

Baggins liked the concept (a guy asks a random woman to marry him, then they set up a number of dates, and after the dates are over, he asks again) and gives him $10,000 to “get ‘er done”.

Unknown to Andy, Baggins is going to steal the idea then fire Andy when the 13 episodes are complete. But, I digress….

Andy hires two cameramen via Craigslist, Reel Man (Scott Silver) and Boom Boy (Weston Roberts), who dress like superheros and look like shit, but, are actually very good at what they do. The three of them go off to the park so Andy can ask random women to marry him.

After many many slaps to the face (and worse), Andy finally asks Emma Granite (Kabrina Miller), and she accepts the challenge.

Well one thing leads to another and……..oh, you will just have to watch the movie to see what happens.  🙂

“Hello I Love You” is a VERY low budget, crowd-sourced, film that I LOVED!  Lori thought it was stupid, but, she is not writing this review (actually, it was stupid, and extremely funny, and touching, and true).  With crummy lighting, a cast of real people (zits and all), and a very low budget feel…….the movie works!  And works well. 🙂

The real world is not easy and people will steal your ideas (I know), love is not easy, and yup real people have zits and wrinkles, and……oh, just rent it and stay until the end.  🙂

Go to IMDb for more information.

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