Donations to Teachers

Carol loved learning.

In Carol’s memory,, Inc. supports education in Tracy, CA, by:

Scroll down to see the teachers we have donated money to for supplies over the years.  To see what else we are doing go to our “About” page.

If you are a Tracy, CA teacher, register HERE for a chance to get donations for classroom supplies throughout the school year.

Monetary Donations to Teachers


Stephanie, 4th Grade, Wanda Hirsch, $50
Roy, 7th Grade, Williams, $50

Jennifer, 4th Grade, Kelly, $50


Colette, Social Studies, Tracy High



Sharon, 2nd Grade, Jacobson, $50


Dana, Kindergarten, Monticello, $50


Nicolette, 4th grade, South/West Park, $50

September: Shauna, 9th grade, West High, $50

August: Susan, 4th grade, Central, $50

February: Kia, 6th grade, Williams, $50

February: Grit, 5th grade, Traina, $50

February: Justin, 4th grade special ed, Central, $50


September: Monica, 2nd grade, Kelly, $50

April: Ashley, 3rd grade, Kelly, $50


Aubry, 3rd grade, Art Freiler Elementary, $50

A long time ago…..

Joan and Tori and kids

Joan and Tori (North Elementary) shopping spree with $50 total.

Myesha Ryan Kelly 4th Grade

Myesha at Kelly Elementary gets $250

Drive Safe! Never Forget.