Donations to Teachers

Carol loved learning.

In Carol’s memory,, Inc. supports education in Tracy, CA, by:

To see what else we are doing go to our “About” page.

If you are a Tracy, CA teacher, register HERE for a chance to get donations for classroom supplies throughout the school year.

STEM / STEAM Donations to Teachers

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Sharon, 3rd grade, Villa

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Jessica, 6th grade, Williams

Monetary Donations to Teachers

2019 ($650 total)

$50 each to six teachers
Amanda, Kindergarten, McKinley, $50
Shelby, 10th grade Resource, West High, $50
Ashley, 6th Grade, North Elementary, $50
Stephanie, 4th Grade, Wanda Hirsch, $50
Roy, 7th Grade, Williams, $50

Jennifer, 4th Grade, Kelly, $50

Colette, Social Studies, Tracy High, $50

2018 ($400 to 8 teachers total)

Sharon, 2nd Grade, Jacobson, $50

Dana, Kindergarten, Monticello, $50

Nicolette, 4th grade, South/West Park, $50

September: Shauna, 9th grade, West High, $50

August: Susan, 4th grade, Central, $50

February: Kia, 6th grade, Williams, $50

February: Grit, 5th grade, Traina, $50

February: Justin, 4th grade special ed, Central, $50

2017 ($100 total)

September: Monica, 2nd grade, Kelly, $50

April: Ashley, 3rd grade, Kelly, $50

2016 ($50 total)

Aubry, 3rd grade, Art Freiler Elementary, $50

A long time ago…..($300 total)

Joan and Tori and kids
Joan and Tori (North Elementary) shopping spree with $50 total.
Myesha Ryan Kelly 4th Grade
Myesha at Kelly Elementary gets $250

Drive Safe! Never Forget.


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