Teen Supporters

Hang in there.  The pain will ease over time, but, please, please lets NEVER FORGET.  Comment below to support Carol, Chris, Kassy, and Bobby.  AND do your best to make sure it never happens again.

The idea is to list all the kids in Tracy willing to lend support to the ForCarol cause of raising the awareness of unsafe driving practices, most notably speeding, texting, drinking, and ignoring curfews.  You don’t need to be perfect…no one is…Carol was not…just know that some rules are for your own good.  And I would give ANYTHING to not have the pain I now have….

Kids:  I want to have a fundraising thing.  I will talk to the Save Mart Mgr who said they wanted to do something.  I’m thinking several things (some dealing with food and fun!), but, also I was thinking to buy small silver pails, and see if we can fill them with donated quarters.  “Quarters for Carol, Chris, Kassy, and Bobby”……maybe the pails at several big stores?  Ideas?  Comments? Write to me:  mike@telbitconsulting.com


We support ForCarol and will do what we can to raise the awareness of teen speeding (and other unsafe driving habits) with our peers.  We cannot let this happen again….


Who will be first?  Will there be a first?  I sure hope so, and a 1000th…we need to make this work.  For Carol….and Chris, and Cassy, and Robert.

Thanks Danielle!  You were the first….let more follow.  YOU also taught me something….let this just be a comment list!  Comment away…lets show our love and our determination.



  1. lol, I’m aware I was an adult (I just 23+ as the only listed age on the adult section). It’s understandable to have to take “time” to get back to normal, I’m sorry for your loss. I can’t imagine the suffering you are going through. Stay strong.

    I’ll see what I can come up with on planning a large enough car show (I need to scout out area’s that will have a big enough parking lot and get permission to use it for a day), Maybe I can ask one of the high schools and instead of just a donation booth, Charge like $5 to enter the show (which is a pretty normal fee on awareness type shows)… I’ll ask afew friends that have organized 500+ car event’s for assistance to get things going.

    Here is my email so you can get in direct contact with me… Bambame34@aol.com


  2. I didn’t know either Carol, Chris, Bobby or Kassandra and somehow anyone that knew them… But I’m not blind and am able to see these were some great souls. I do have a suggestion though (I’m 22, So i’m not old enough for the adult section).

    A car show, There are many places through Tracy to set something up… You can get a booth going for donations and spread the awareness of your cause. I am willing to help out any way I can, I’m apart of 9 car clubs/forums so getting the word out will not be a problem.

    1. 21 is a legal adult. It took me like 40 years to figure out I was an adult… A car show is great….our neighbor has a Shelby! I need a week or too to get back to “normal”, and finish up the details on Carol’s Scholarship fund….so you can plan away and I can catch up.

  3. i would love to. i know all four of them as well and they were amazing people who didnt deserve this and it hasa really been a lesson to me. i wanna help get the word out. ❤ rip carol, chris, bobby, and kassy

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