Movie Reviews

“Smart People” Movie Review

“Smart People” Movie Review

(Smart, witty, engaging)

We watched this 2008 movie on VUDU.

No action, very quiet dialogue, no special effects, no crashes, no yelling, one or two appropriate f-words…..acting……pure and simple.

Self obsessed Dennis Quaid (as college Professor Lawrence Wetherhold) is stumbling through life years after the death of his wife.  After his car gets towed, he climbs the fence to the impound lot to retrieve his briefcase.  He falls, suffers a seizure, and meets Sarah Jessica Parker (as Dr. Janet Hartigan, heart…arrghh).  True love?

Since Quaid cannot drive for 6 months (because of the seizure), his brother, Thomas Hayden Church (as Chuck Wetherhold), comes to live with Quaid and his 17 year old daughter, Ellen Page (as Vanessa Wetherhold).

What follows is a study in family relationships and love (well…maybe).

The cast is wonderful….understated, quiet, and engaging.

Rent it!

Drive Safe!  Never Forget.


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