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“Captain America” Movie Review

“Captain America” Movie Review

(Exciting, Engaging)

Chris Evans (Steve Rogers / Captain America) is a skinny, small, sickly young man trying to enlist in the Army to help his country during WWII.  Unfortunately, he is 4F.  But he never gives up.

Eventually, Stanley Tucci (Dr. Abraham Erskine) happens upon Rogers and gives him 1A status based simply on his desire.

Erskine, however, makes sure Rogers is sent to a special operations training facility where the Army is looking for the right person to become the first super soldier….Rogers is that person.

“Captain America” is an excellent movie that espouses the need to NEVER give up, be compassionate, and that with persistence you can succeed at your chosen path.  It is also a puzzle piece in the Marvel comic book series that until recently has been a mystery to me.

Stay until the very end and you will be treated to a great trailer for the upcoming Avenger movie with….hmmm, lets see:  Captain America, Thor, Ironman…who else?  See I am still learning about the Avengers.  🙂

Good for the whole family.  The fighting is more cartoon-ish violent, not real life violent so the little kids should be ok.  By the way, I have heard that the skinny kid is done with computer graphics, it is Chris Evans.  Awesome technology.

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Drive Safe!  Never Forget.

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