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“Our Idiot Brother” Movie Review

(Wonderful, Funny, Zooey)

Paul Rudd (as Ned) is really not an idiot.  He is an innocent child-like man who puts his faith in other people, hoping that the best in them will come out if given the chance.  He is honest to a fault…and he loves Willie Nelson.

Trusting a local cop who asks to buy some pot, at first Rudd does the right thing telling him to, essentially, take a hike.  But the cop puts on a sad face, and the next thing you know Rudd is walking out of jail 8 months later.  His girlfriend has a new boyfriend, and she refuses to give Willie Nelson back to him.

Ned’s life is a mess, so he relies on family…his mom (who is just like him) and his three sisters, one of whom is Zooey Deschanel (she of the second most beautiful eyes in the world, next to Mila Kunis).

But his honesty messes up their lives, at least for a while.

This is rated R and the f-words fly, there are some boobs (not Zooey, darn it), and a very uncomfortable threesome.  Not for kids.

Rudd is terrific (as is Zooey) and I loved the Willie Nelson music!

Go see it!  I liked it a lot, and will buy it on blu-ray when it comes out…it is that good.

Go to IMDb for more info.

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