“The Debt” Movie Review

(great thriller)

In 1966, three Mossad agents are sent into East Germany to capture, and bring to trial, a sadistic Holocaust surgeon.

Unfortunately, things go horribly wrong. The three decide to lie…..and are welcomed home as heroes.  30 years later, that lie comes back to haunt them.

The young and old characters are all superb.  Helen Mirren / Jessica Chastain (as old and young Rachel Singer), Tom Wilkinson / Marton Csokas (as old and young Stephan Gold), Ciaran Hinds / Sam Worthington (as old and young David Peretz), and Jesper Christensen (as the evil Doktor Bernhardt / Dieter Vogel).

Not for kids.  Rated R.  There is bloody violence, disturbing fight scenes (especially the ending), and intense dialogue.

I loved how they showed the audience the truth from the lie…very interesting.

Go see it!

Go here for more info from IMDb.

Drive Safe!  Never Forget.



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