“50/50” Movie Review

A pain in a young man’s (Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Adam) back turns out to be a rare form of cancer.  Searching the Internet he finds out that he has a 50/50 chance of survival.

His friend, Seth Rogan (as Kyle), decides that if he were a casino, 50/50 would be really good odds of winning.

“50/50”  follows Adam’s life as he undergoes chemotherapy, goes to weekly visits with a therapist (Anna Kendrick as Katherine), the loss of his hair, meeting new friends, reconnecting with his parents, the breakup of he and his girlfriend, and finding true love.

You would think this is a depressing movie, right?  Actually it is not.

It is am extremely interesting character study (actually multiple characters) on how people react to adversity, and, at points, is VERY funny (the humor being much more effective when the background setting is depressing and grim).  There were a couple of times I could not stop laughing, but, the movie theater was super quiet…very embarrassing.

“50/50”  is a great movie.  Zero action, lots of dialogue, and the f-words fly.  One painful sex scene.  NOT for kids.  Joseph Gordon-Levitt is an incredible actor.  If he does not, at least, get an Oscar nomination for best actor (or supporting actor) there is something wrong with the system.  Seth Rogan was also terrific.

“50/50”  won’t win the box office race, but, it should win a lot more when Oscar time comes around.

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In case you forgot…here is Joseph Gordon-Levitt, with John Lithgow, as we first knew him in the TV show “Third Rock From the Sun”

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