Movie Review: “Bridesmaids”

(not as good as we were expecting)

I suppose it is human nature to raise your expectations of a movie based on a lot of positive reviews.  We had heard so much about “Bridesmaids” that we decided to watch it on VUDU last night.

Other than a few sparkling scenes, and three very good performances (Kristen Wiig as Annie, Melissa McCarthy as Megan, and Chris O’Dowd as Officer Rhodes), it was just average.  Kinda funny, kinda gross, kinda crude, kinda uncomfortable, ….kinda disappointing.

Maya Rudolph (as Lillian) is getting married.  She chooses lifelong friend Wiig to be her maid of honor.  As Wigg meets the other “Bridesmaids” we find out that there is a competition between them for Rudolph’s friendship.

As the wedding planning proceeds, Annie’s life goes to hell and so does the wedding planning.  Rudolph dumps Wiig as her maid of honor replacing her with new best friend, Helen (played by Rose Byrne).  Everything spirals downward….

Drive Safe! Never Forget.


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