“The Rum Diary” Movie Review

(Johnny Depp plays a great drunk)

Johnny Depp (as Paul Kemp) starts work at a run down newspaper in Puerto Rico.  His first day starts out well (sic)….in a near coma from a massive alcohol binge the night before.  But, no matter, he is hired, and, even though he spends most of his days in an alcohol related haze, he shines as a reporter and writer.

He moves in with photographer, Michael Rispoli (as Sala), and the fantastic Giovanni Ribisi (as the totally, wonderfully acted, whacked out Moburg).

He gets involved with a “crook” and then, luckily, falls out of favor with him, but, via a very nice twist of fate, ends up with the crooks girlfriend (Amber Heard, as Chenault).

Not for kids.  Lots of  f-words.  Parts of the movie were sooooooo funny I could not stop laughing.  The trailer above shows Depp and Rispoli driving the car together….OMG, that is hilarious!

Depp plays drunk really well.  “The Rum Diary” will not win any box office awards, but, it definitely worth going to see in the movies (if only for Giovanni Ribisi’s acting), or renting when it comes out on DVD or Internet.   I want to buy it…

Go here for more information.

Drive Safe!  Never Forget.

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  1. Boasts a highly impressive cast and contains some great touches, but it’s too long by a half hour and meanders severely in its second half. Nice review. Check out my review when you get the chance.

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