“Jack and Jill” Movie Review

(Adam Sandler goofy)

The buzz going into this movie was how bad it was.  Well, it is not as bad as I thought it would be, in fact, it was not bad at all….except for the last 30 minutes which was stupid, inane, and ridiculous.  Cut out that last part and it was really very funny, very goofy, very Adam Sandler.  Come on…you know to expect this from him, if you don’t want goofy…don’t go.

Adam Sandler (as Jack Sadelstein) is expecting a visit from his twin sister Jill (played by…errrr, Adam Sandler).  He is not happy about it, but, convinces himself to try to be good.

And he tries, but Jill really is irritating.  That voice is grating as heck, and man, is she UGLY!

A short stay becomes a long stay (Jill has no reason to return home since their mom has recently passed away) and the craziness escalates.

If this is not funny to you:  “I don’t know anything about Skype, it sounds anti-Semitic”.  If stickball was not your thing growing up (ah…if you grew up in New York, you will love this movie!), or if you think Adam Sandler will make an Oscar worthy movie….don’t bother going to see “Jack and Jill”.   Simple.

Ok for kids.  No f-words that I remember.  Lots of farting, lots of racial jokes, lots of New York specific humor, crude, rude and goofy.  Adam Sandler!

For more info go here.  We watched this movie at CineMark in Tracy, CA.

Drive Safe!  Never Forget.


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