“The Help” Movie Review

(Chau gave it a 5!)

(We gave it 4.5)

Emma Stone (as Skeeter Phelan) just graduated from college and landed her first writing job.  She had a very nice rejection letter from Harper Row that helped her get this job stating that when she gains more experience, to apply again.

Skeeter was raised in a wealthy family by Cicely Tyson (as Constantine Jefferson).  They loved each other deeply, and Skeeter respected Constantine as an equal.

But…..Skeeter is a woman ahead of her time in the deep south.

Equality for all is not something that was practiced back in those days (NOTE: I remember it well), and Skeeter had an idea for a story.  To tell the world what it is like to be the help, from the help’s perspective.

She proposed this idea to Harper Row, and they agreed it would be interesting especially with the civil rights movement gaining momentum.  The only problem is she needed to interview someone who was not afraid to speak the truth.

Viola Davis (as Aibileen Clark) was just that perfect person.

Later, Octavia Spencer (as the bold and independent Minnie Jackson) joined in, and “The Help” book was under way.

“The Help” is an excellent, engrossing, movie with a superb cast.  Much has been said about Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer when it comes to Oscar time.  They were outstanding, but, in my opinion, everyone is overlooking Emma Stone who was terrific in this movie, as were Bryce Dallas Howard (yes, Ron Howard’s daughter) as the despicable Hilly Holbrook, and Jessica Chastain as the other woman before her time, Celia Foote.

OK for kids, but, I think the pacing will be boring for them (no action, lots of dialogue).  I don’t recall any f-words, but, I may have missed it.

Go to IMDB here for more information.   We watched this movie on VUDU.

The book.

Drive Safe!  Never Forget.


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