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“War Horse” Movie Review

(epic (Gone with the Wind) feel, intense, but predictable)

Despite what you see in the trailer and the title, “War Horse” this is not really a “war” movie.  Although World War I plays a large part, this is really a story of a horse, a boy, and the love they have for each other.

Jeremy Irvine (as Albert Narracott) tries to get a young horse to like him by offering him an apple.  The horse’s mom decides that that is not safe…. and the two horses flee.

One day, Jeremy’s dad comes home with the young thoroughbred horse (when he really should have come home with a work horse) after spending all his money in an auction.

Tough times follow and Jeremy trains Joey (the horse) to pull a plow.

The two spend every breathing moment together until dad sells Joey to the Army after WWI starts.

“War Horse” then follows Joey as he goes from owner to owner during the war (luckily almost all of them turn out to be very nice, caring, people) and as he manages to survive in the most terrible of times. One really GREAT part is when enemies unite to save Joey….watch for that intense, but, touching, scene.

“War Horse” is an interesting movie.  Lori and Chau both liked it better than I did (maybe that says something…).  I thought it was predictable, a bit boring in the beginning, and intentionally made so you would cry (yeah…I did, so bring some tissue).  It has an epic big old-fashioned movie feel much like “Gone with the Wind” including red sky silhouettes for some unknown emotional reason or another….

Not for young kids.  The war scenes are VERY intense, so leave the little ones home.  No f-words or any kind of cussing.  The horse is beautiful…

For more information go to IMDb.  We went to see this movie at CineMark Tracy, CA.

Drive Safe!  Never Forget.


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