“One For The Money” Movie Review

“One For The Money” Movie Review

(Just like the book, see my review)



I pretty much know why this is getting kinda bad reviews.  It is ALMOST EXACTLY like the book.  In a book, the beginning is slow as you get to know the characters, then the speed picks up a little toward the middle, and finally it hits warp speed until it ends with you breathless and spent at the climax (sorta like….oh, well you know 😉

“One for the Money” follows the book, with only a few minor deviations.  The first 30 minutes….ZZZZzzzzzz…as the audience was getting to know the characters, and I was bored since I already knew them.  It got better in the middle, Katherine Heigl (as Stephanie Plum) has an extraordinary body helping keep the guys attention before the action starts in earnest, then the long-ish climax with cars blowing up, people dying, shootings, kidnappings, fights, a little bit of sex, and a neat final battle that all help bring the movie up a WaterTower at the end.

Plum is a laid off lingerie salesperson.  Her cousin, Vinnie, is kind of a scum bag, but, he hires her as a bounty hunter and hands her a few cases.  One case involves an ex-lover, and cop, Joe Morelli (played by Jason O’Mara) who she is eagerly ready to put behind bars (for a $50,000 finders fee).  Unfortunately, she knows nothing about bounty hunting, guns, self-defense, etc.  This puts her at a distinct disadvantage (especially since Morelli is a cop with all these skills).

Some cussing, but, I don’t recall any f-words.  Not for kids, and truthfully, I might wait to watch it on DVD.  It might be better to read the book first because the book is funny, fast, and exciting.

For more information go to IMDb.  We watched this at CineMark  Tracy, CA where the ForCarol.com poster is still up!!!!  🙂

PS:  Longtime favorite, Fisher Stevens, makes a terrific but very short appearance, and Debbie Reynolds sucked (didn’t she win an Oscar at one time?).

Drive Safe!  Never Forget.


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