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“What’s Your Number?” Movie Review

Ana Faris (as Ally Darling) wakes up with a new guy next to her in bed.  They get up, she goes to work, and is promptly laid off.  Arrrghhh…

Riding home she reads an article telling her that the average number of lovers for women, before they find “the one”, is about 10, and that if they reach 20, the chances of getting married is forever diminished.

Ally decides to do a count of her lovers, and comes up with 19 !!  Yikes.  She is one away from a life of single-dom (at least according to the article).

That night, at the bar with her girlfriends she gets plastered and meets her ex-boss (who had laid her off earlier in the day).  Yup…she sleeps with him making him #20.  You could say he laid her off in the morning and laid her at night.  Ewwwww…

Now at the limit of sexual partners, Ally decides to recycle through all her ex-lovers (so she does not go over 20) in the hopes she can find one she has already done the deed with to marry.  To help her find these guys she enlists her (very) handsome neighbor, Colin Shea (played by Captain America, Chris Evans).

You can pretty much guess what happens, but, along the way Faris and Evans have a chemistry that is very believable and the sexy fun moves along in a very enjoyable movie.

Lots of f-words, Faris and Evans both get naked a few times (but, not totally visible)…. pleasing both sexes.  🙂  Not for kids.

For more information go to IMDb.  We watched this on VUDU.

Drive Safe!  Never Forget.

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