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“The Grey” Movie Review

(Harrowing, brutal, disturbing, beautifully done)

Liam Neeson (as Ottway) is one of my favorite actors.

In “The Grey” he is one of the people in charge of killing the wolves before they eat the oil pipeline workers.  As such, he gets to know a little bit about grey wolves, which as it turns out, comes in very handy in this movie.

The plot is linear and easy to follow:  A plane carrying the oil workers crashes, 7 survive only to find themselves in mortal danger from man-eating (or at least man-killing) grey wolves.

Survival is paramount and Neeson takes charge.  He is the “alpha male” of the human pack.

Graphic depictions of humans during and after wolf mauling, very touching, and graphic, images and dialogue with people dying.  OK….this is one f-ing brutal film.  I guarantee I will not watch it again…too dang brutal to go through that again.  F-words, graphic violence, extremely surprising events that make you JUMP out out of your seat,  make this an older teen or adult movie.  Leave the kids home!

Oh…the ending is NOT the ending.  Stay until the VERY END to see the real ending….it is good to sit and catch your breath anyway….

Go to IMDb for more info.  We watched “The Grey” at the Tracy, CA CineMark where your poster is STILL up!  :-)))

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Drive Safe!  Never Forget.




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